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Terracotta Tile Advice Ideas & Inspiration

The roots of warm earth- and rust-coloured terracotta tiles go back in history, but they’ve always managed to stay popular over the years years.

Homeowners look to terracotta tiles to recreate that Mediterranean feel in their bathroom or to enhance the rustic style of a country kitchen. Here are some terracotta tile design ideas to whet your appetite for revamping your home.

How are terracotta tiles made?

Terracotta tiles are traditionally made in Italy, using natural clay.

The clay is dug up and mixed with water to create a working clay that is pressed into a mould. Any excess is cut off and the mould removed.

After that, the clay is left to air dry in the Italian summer sun before it is brought into a kiln for final baking.

The perfect backdrop

Terracotta is back on-trend as a backdrop for homeowners aiming for a traditional farmhouse style. Add some greenery to the earthy colours and you’ll create a cosy space that will bring nature inside.

When choosing your furniture, shades of white, cream, pink, red, mustard, green, and blue will work well against the rust-coloured surface of your terracotta tiled floor.

Turn your bathroom into a Roman spa

If you want to recreate the comforts of a luxury Roman spa every time you enter your bathroom, go for the warm hues and rustic style of terracotta tiles.

Combine this with Moroccan patterns and you’ll get an unmistakable old world charm. To enjoy your ‘me time’ in style for years to come, make sure to seal these usually porous tiles properly.

Create cosy feature walls

Imagine sitting down for a nice cup of tea in front of your fireplace. You’re looking into the fire – but you’re also staring at the fireplace around it. Is it starting to look a bit drab?

A feature wall of terracotta tiles can accentuate the space and be a way to give your living room new life.

Terracotta tile laying tips

Ready to start laying those gorgeous new terracotta tiles? Great! Here’s what you need to watch out for:

  • Make sure you start our with a clean surface. For example, if it’s a concrete floor that was previously sealed, grind down the surface to ensure your tile adhesives can bond.
  • To get an idea how many special cuts you’ll need, lay out your Terracotta tiles without applying anything yet.
  • Terracotta tiles are durable but can also be porous and should be sealed for a long-lasting floor that stands the test of time.
  • Seal handmade terracotta tiles before you grout. Pro tip: You can apply sealing even before laying.
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